It may not seem like the right time for mentorship, but here’s something else I think you should see based on your journey as an artist right now…


Learn The Art Of “Self-Correcting” — So You Can Level Up Your Skill Set And Your Mindset While Discovering Your Unique Artistic Style

Together, let’s borrow from Rembrandt, Klimt, Michelangelo and more in this unique Masters Series training.

Hey Artist…

If you’re on this page, you’re in the right place. Upon reviewing your answers to our questionnaire, we’ve decided there’s something better suited for you than mentorship for where you’re currently at in your journey…

You (may) have already advised us that:

You’re not currently ready for mentorship, but are interesting in elevating your art
You’re looking to become a better artist through training
You may be at the beginning of your art journey, a few decades deep, or somewhere in between

So I’ve got something for you on this page that I believe will allow you to make real progress on your own.

Most artists work in a vacuum of their own work, where it becomes increasingly hard to see what the work needs, let alone the right ways to self-correct it.

As a long time art teacher and mentor, I know how frustrating and demoralizing that can be.

The more time you pour into your work, the more you expect to see change.

But time in doesn’t always mean better results coming out.

The more we don’t see that, we either become blind to it, or worse, we stop creating as much.

It’s my goal here to avoid that happening, and so I’d like to do something different with you here…

I would like to offer you an opportunity to improve your art rapidly through self-correction — and borrowing from some of the greatest artists in history.

Because if we don’t learn to fall in love with the process, what are we doing it all for?

Here’s what you can expect from The Masters Series:

→ You will create more meaningful art by learning how to make intentional decisions at every stroke…

→ You soon master the art of “iterating” to create evermore powerful, beautiful variations of your first attempt…

→ You gain the ability to analyze any artist’s work and separate your own choices from those who came before you — creating a unique touch…

→ You’ll discover unique and powerful guiding principles from Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Klimt…

→ You reduce the difficulty it takes when looking for improvements in your craft, which increases your joy and momentum to practice…

→ You’ll learn the true meaning behind creativity and how to tap into it to stay motivated for longer…

→ You’ll uncover where your current process may be holding you back and take the steps to self-correct your way through any technical roadblocks…

Hopefully this sounds good to you. But there is an imperfection even in this process…

The Masters Series, like any other DIY and self-tutorial style practice is good, but it has a ceiling.

Much in the same way you can build better self-awareness and manage your patterns as a human better…

There is a limit.

By using The Masters Series, you will undoubtedly improve on your art work, and build the ability to self-correct…

However it’s limited by your own knowledge up to a point.


The goal here is to teach you how to self-correct your way to master what you know.

The ceiling is what you know now. Where you are today is how far away you are from that.

And my goal for you is that I can help you get closer to your knowledge, by yourself, with this series.

So as long as you are disciplined and motivated, you will make steady improvements.

You will learn from some of the greatest artists in history, and you will have breakthroughs. If I may be so bold, I will say that it may even unlock a level of passion and joy you’ve never experienced before as an artist.

Here’s what you’ll find in The Masters Series (in video lesson format):


  1. Drawing Like A Pro
  2. How The Best In The World Become The Best In The World
  3. How To Analyze Any Old Master
  4. A Few Of The Lessons Michelangelo Can Teach Us
  5. Leonardo: How A Master Becomes A Master
  6. Using The Surprisingly Simple Ideas Of Gustave Klimt
  7. Using The Surprisingly Simple Ideas Of Rembrandt
  8. How To Go It Alone: Mentoring Yourself


Bonus 1: How To Create A Utopia: The Golden Age of American Illustration

Bonus 2: How To Create A Dystopia Mannerism: The Age Of Neuroses

It’s more than 12+ hours of training that you’ll get to watch over the shoulder with me as we learn some of the most important lessons from artists that came before us.

Now, this is not a collection of random videos — it is a carefully curated group of trainings crafted with an extremely specific purpose.

And that’s the aim of teaching you how to borrow from some of the greatest artists in history, while learning how to self-correct in your art and mentor yourself.

However the trade off is it’s DIY. You’ve got to show up, learn, and train yourself.

It’s for that reason that I’ve put this together as an offer, and I’m hoping you find it extremely reasonably priced.

Today, I will offer you The Masters Series for the small investment of just $39.

That is $1.30 a day over the course of the next month, which is likely less than you spend on coffee. And I’m also throwing in 2 extra special bonuses, just for you. So click the green button below to add The Masters Series to your order and claim your bonuses.

Total Package: $197
Credit Offer: $39
Total Savings: $158

(Clicking the green button adds The Masters Series™ to your order for $39, with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.)

The moment you click that button, you have instant access. You get a discount…

And you even get 30 days with it to decide whether or not The Masters Series is something you can benefit from.

And listen, in the event you’re not absolutely overjoyed, email into XXX and hand you the investment back. I’m simply not interested in keeping your money if this doesn’t add value for you.

So, I’ve said my piece here, and now, the rest of your story lies in your hands. That button is your key to seeing real improvement in your art and falling in love with your practice all over again.

That’s your key to learning from the best, mastering the art of self-correction and rapidly improving your craft.

So let’s do this.

Let’s be more intentional, develop our perspective, and show the world the kind of art you can create.

This can be your inflection point, so please take a good look at the offer below and I’ll see you soon.

– Steve Huston

Total Package: $197
Credit Offer: $39
Total Savings: $158

(Clicking the green button adds The Masters Series™ to your order for $39, with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.)