Figurative Art

Done Different!

Steve Huston believes Art is something much bigger and wiser than we’ve been told.

And that there’s a reason why the first artists were the shamans.

His Draws From Life Coaching Programs help artists not just level up their craft, but transform it into a beautiful series of connective strategies—

That can show us a better way.

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Steve Huston, Co-founder of Draws From Life

Interview with Bozeman Art Museum

Over 40 years Of Coaching and Consulting Experience for

So Much More Than We’ve Been Told

Instead of making a well-composed picture, how about living a well-composed life?

They taught us Art is small.

It’s anything but.

Steve created Draws From Life around the idea that Art is much closer to a spiritual tradition than to a hobby or career.

Societies train us to survive.

Yet we’re born to create.

Whether biologically or spiritually, the human race is a race of artists.

We can choose to consciously evolve.

Steve designed DFL holistically, meaning not just on one pillar, but on three.

So, do we choose to neglect our passion for more months or years?

Do we choose to let our Art stay small by settling for a one-size-fits-all, secondhand version of creativity and craft (and never mind wisdom)?

Or do you choose to step into a firsthand version of your own innately artistic, world-class, powerhouse self?

Art is big. And so are you.

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#1 Amazon bestselling book Figure Drawing For Artists: Making Every Mark Count

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Free Weekly Live Stream Draw & Jaw

  • Live stream is every Thursday at 4pm Pacific / 5pm Mountain (convert it to your own timezone).
  • The session will run 30-40 minutes.
  • This is a part of a series of trainings that will only be available through these livestreams. Recordings can be accessed through our Patreon page. (Link Below)
  • Live streams are free.

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