Figurative Realists:
How Would You Like To Become The Artist You’ve Always Longed To Be?

Isn’t It Time To Step Into That Firsthand Version Of Yourself
You Came Into This Life To Become?
(with unlimited 1-on-1 coaching that makes it possible)

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A Belief

At Draws From Life, our mission is to coach artists worldwide towards their own unique, creative expression even as we teach them masterful craftsmanship.

So we ask you.

While your job or career might be fine, fulfilling, even amazing…

Do you long for more?

What would it feel like to transform your drawings and paintings into eye-catching, heart-healing works of beauty?

And step into a more holistic, more consciously creative way of living?


By using the same unique set of strategies Steve Huston developed to-

Skyrocket his career from a nondescript illustrator to training 1000s of pros at Hollywood’s biggest studios and collecting 5-figure checks from fine art collectors around the world.

His coaching programs take our clients through a carefully curated set of strategies to redefine Art at its deepest structure and to maximize results for beginners and pros alike.

It’s done by distilling down and blending together–

The most powerful craft and creative strategies of the old masters

The best mindful practices of humanity’s spiritual and wisdom traditions

The latest high-performance and mental health research from brain and behavioral science.

And here’s the truth-

For the first time in human history.

Ancient wisdom agrees beautifully with the cutting edge science for unlocking our own innate creative genius

What DFL Is All About

We offer an immersive 1-on-1 and group coaching experience that focuses on a holistic approach to Art through Steve’s 3 Circles approach-


Creativity and

A wide blend of strategies we call Wisdom.

By training our artists in this 3 Circles approach, they soon understand how to produce work that rings true for, not just the head, but deep down in the heart – where it does the most good.

We believe our more consciously creative approach to Art is a new and long needed entry into the how-to art space.

The Results

In the last 2 years, the Draws From Life Coaching Company has designed and built-

A holistic curriculum and immersive classroom to support figurative artists on their journey fulfilling their dreams

A worldwide social media presence that supports tens of thousands of artists each week

A team of passionate professional artists to offer unlimited 1-on-1 support for our clients

And so much more!

What Every Client Gets

Step-By-Step Figure Drawing Curriculum: A New Way To Train

We coach them how to-

Take advantage of the way the human brain needs to learn and be motivated

Understand what creativity is and how to unleash it

Embody a new definition of what world class means and how to move towards it

Realize that artists are not primarily craftsmen, but “connectors”

Bring their art practice closer to a spiritual practice, rather than just a hobby or even a career

Not become a secondhand version of anyone else, but, instead, a firsthand version of themselves the universe means them to become

And see Art — not as an escape from life — but as the means to a new lease on it.

Becoming More

Our DFL vision is still in process.

So, we’re limited in how many folks we can fully support at any given time.

And we only work with those we believe our programs can have a massively transformative impact on.

At the time of this writing, we’re coaching 112 clients on 5 continents — each with a passion for drawing and painting the figure and for creating a holistic, higher energy lifestyle.

Our company and our coaching programs are designed around two core beliefs –

Art is something so much bigger than we’ve been told.

And all Art Forms – at their deepest structure – use exactly the same connective strategies as all spiritual and mystery traditions.

What Taking Action Gets You:

Step-By-Step Figure Drawing Curriculum: A New Way To Train

Leveling up your craftsmanship means mastering several skill sets, not just one.

You get the exact strategies that propelled Steve from a C student to-

Coaching the pros in Hollywood’s biggest entertainment studios

Teaching the teachers at art colleges around the US

And selling 5-figure and even 6-figure artwork into collections worldwide.

(From beginners to pros, our clients tell us they would never have realized these methods on their own.)

Oh, and you get unlimited 1-on-1 support and Lifetime Access with all of it!

Step-By-Step Wisdom Training: Making Art Big Again

You get–

The exact training and processes you need to define and implement what Art is really designed to do for us and for the world

How to create heart-centered artwork that reaches people where they need it most

An understanding of what world class art really means and how to achieve it-

(Even more than our craft training, Clients tell us this one is a total game changer!)

Unlimited 1-On-1 Coaching: Nobody Does It Alone

Without a high level of personal attention, none of us can reach the highest potential we’re in this world to manifest.

That’s why you also receive–

Unlimited 1-on-1 critiques from Steve and our team of personally trained professionals-

And unlimited insight into any projects in any medium you’re working on whether it’s part of the curriculum or not.

(Where in either the brick and mortar or online art space have you ever seen this offered?)

Step-By-Step Creativity Training: A Firsthand Version Of You

Why in almost every art class on Earth is creativity itself barely mentioned?

At DFL, we believe that receiving the exact methods for tapping into your own creative genius goes hand in hand with building great craftsmanship.

Steve’s 3 weekly live streams are ongoing collaborative sessions, where you and your DFL community discover ever-greater creative breakthroughs.

By learning to see and use basic and advanced craft skills in a completely new way.

(And studies show that consistently tapping into our innate creativity is critical for avoiding stress and burn out.)

1-On-1 Progress Calls

Throughout your DFL journey, you’ll receive several 1-on-1 “progress calls”. This is one more way we are here to guide you towards taking control of each and every challenge AND opportunity you’re faced with.

Each call is customized to whatever you need at that time.

Whether it’s-

Advice on overcoming frustrations

Help in understanding why a particular piece of art moves you

Or receiving the on-the-spot demonstration you need now.

All to keep the joy and motivation high until next time.

1-On-1 Goal Setting and Strategy Call

Success doesn’t just come from the right information processes. It comes from the right implementation.

No one does it alone.

The best in the world have a team training them on how to implement new skills or pivot when something in their process breaks down.

With DFL Coaching, we give you that same critical advantage.

Wisecraft Of The Old Masters

How do you separate your art from the crowd?

Steve starts with defining what world class actually means.

But also mapping out how the old masters achieved world class craftsmanship.

And developing their own personal style at the same time.

Every DFL program trains our clients how masterful artwork can be heart-centered and inspirational (healing even) and how to build that into their creative process.

Modern Museum of Memories

In every discipline, the best in the world know how to hardwire in amazing new skills and never forget them.

They know the very best way to learn.

In each 20-minute lesson on craft, creativity and wisdom, our 3 circles method trains you how to do that as well.

We use proven techniques so you can rewire your brain away from that old cramming-for-the-test model towards-

More joy

Less stress

And the higher retention it takes to be masterful.

Motivation Accelerator

Most of us, on some level, have an unhealthy relationship with our Art.

And how could we not?

From preschool on, we’re punished, conditioned, and cajoled into doing things the teacher’s way and almost never our own.

Well, we train you how to create a healthier relationship with your Art-

So that even as you step away from your Art for the night, you’re excited to get back to it next time.

Becoming A Visual Philosopher

In almost every lesson, critique, and call, you’ll be trained in why the great masters are not just great craftsmen and women.

But how their personal style is, in fact, their philosophy of life.

Masterful Art is the inevitable result of who that artist is and how they see our world.

We want that for you.

And it’s really not that difficult!

A Limited Time Bonus:

For a limited time, each new client will earn an exclusive 1-on-1 Art Audit with Steve.

He’ll help you get crystal clear on how to tap into your own world class potential. And he’ll help you design the action steps necessary for becoming the art you’ve always longed to be!

Meet Steve Huston…

About thirty-five years ago, Steve had an insight that changed his life and career–

All art forms are built on the same deep structure as are all spiritual traditions.

Artists call it composition.

Spiritual practitioners call it at-oneness.

For both-

Job one is to show beautiful, powerful connections.

They show us how the problem of separation is really no problem at all.

And yet, separation is the cause of most of the pain in most of our lives.

Steve realized that Art’s deep structure explains why we’ve always needed artists and we always will.

And yet-

When are we artists ever taught this?

As Steve found evermore creative ways to use this amazing insight-

The quality of his work skyrocketed. And he soon began–

Coaching pros at the biggest entertainment studios in Hollywood

Teaching teachers at art colleges around the US

Banking 5-figure payments from fine art collectors around the world.

Steve’s New Insight

He decided it was time to introduce a new way of teaching Art to the world.

By revealing all the systems, processes, and creative thinking that led to his success.

For the last 2 years, Draws From Life Coaching has given passionate creatives direct access to Steve.

And his uniquely holistic strategies for redefining what Art is meant to be and how to create great work that’s in service to it.